London. It’s the nation’s capital, a city founded by the Romans two thousand years ago on a convenient riverside site that had already been populated by humans for millennia. It’s one of the world’s greenest cities, a place full of lovely parks and public spaces. It’s home to glittering theatre land in the West End, Broadway’s big sister. Queen Elizabeth lives here. And the innovative new buildings springing up across the city are making its skyline one of the world’s most recognisable and interesting.   

London is buzzing, bustling, sizzling with life, bright lights and excitement. It’s colourful, eccentric and vivid. No wonder it offers such popular corporate Christmas party venues. But there’s more. The city is home to some extraordinary event venues and spaces, something for every size of celebration, every type of business. If you’re searching for the ideal London Christmas party destination, read on. 

Christmas party venues, London – A multitude of amazing event destinations 

Imagine holding your seasonal event in a zoo or a museum? It’s entirely possible in London. Museums are brilliant destinations for corporate parties as well, beautiful old buildings packed with extraordinary exhibits, places that change their personality and come alive after dark, once the daytime visitors have gone.  

How about stylish party venues on the banks of the mighty River Thames itself, glittering and sparkling in the darkness as she thunders her way to the sea? London offers everything from enormous banqueting halls that sit literally hundreds of people to intimate venues perfect for smaller companies. 

Michelin starred restaurants are a popular choice, as are the city’s many outdoor spaces, some of which come with sun terraces, rooftop bars and entertainment licenses with DJ facilities. The capital offers cosy, low-key, intimate event destinations, ice bars and stadium venues, social clubs, pubs, nightclubs and speakeasies, everything from large to small, run-of-the-mill to eccentric and unusual.  And there’s something for every budget, of course. 

Fantastic transport links

London has exceptionally good public transport links, great when you’re going to be partying late. You can travel to the capital from anywhere in the UK by train, and many London tube and bus services run all night. If you need to put people up for the night after your corporate Christmas party, there are also plenty of top-class hotels and affordable B&Bs to choose from, and you won’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. 

Hot tip – Book your corporate Christmas party early

So when should you book your London Christmas party venue? Christmas party venues in London are very popular indeed, and it makes sense to book early to avoid disappointment. If you want to book a venue for a large company or have a specific date in mind, you need to get cracking surprisingly fast. The same goes if your budget is limited – you’ll need as much time as possible to pin down the perfect venue at the right price. 

It’s interesting to note that many of the biggest Xmas party bookings, made by corporate giants, are made in January, just after the previous Christmas’ party. Because there’s so much to do and so many people to organise, you may need to work on your Christmas party project through the entire summer and into the autumn. As a rule, the faster you act, the more chance you have of securing the venue you want, on the date you want it.  

If you’re on a strict budget, some days are often quite a lot cheaper than others. As you can imagine a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night tends to be more popular – and more costly – than a Monday or Wednesday. Alternatively, you can book a venue in late November rather than December, or even leave it until after Christmas when things tend to go quiet… and cost less. 

Popular London party destinations for Xmas 2019 

Central and South London venues are always popular. But it pays to broaden your horizons, looking at venues in the East End and other less-in-demand locations. You’ll find bright ideas and inspiration in every corner of our capital, and because the transport links are so good there’s no such thing as inconvenient. 

Celebrate corporate London – The Square Mile 

The City of London itself is a world-renowned hub for financial services, and The City of London Corporation just happens to be the oldest continuous democratic commune in the world, dating back to 1191. These days The City, the famous Square Mile, is home to the London Stock Exchange, to the world-class insurer Lloyd’s of London, to a branch of every major national bank and a whole load of international giants: Bloomberg, J. P Morgan, Deloitte, Shell, GlaxoSmithkline and more. What better place to celebrate British business than Britain’s capital? 

Here’s to a magical corporate Christmas party! 

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