Every year the office manager and a few select colleagues gather around to discuss their upcoming corporate Christmas party. They share Christmas party ideas, talk about dates, times and potential Christmas party venues and get very excited about the upcoming event.

If you’re like most businesses, your corporate Christmas party is likely to be small and very insular, in most cases you find yourself at a local restaurant or a swanky bar in London.

This usually costs a great deal of money and therefore the company director is usually far less enthusiastic about the upcoming corporate Christmas party in London when compared to her staff members.

Christmas is a time for sharing

It is true that Christmas is a time for giving and sharing and what better way to do so than to celebrate in style with your colleagues with a shared Christmas party.  

These annual gatherings can help improve relationships amongst staff members, raise spirits and provide an opportunity to praise staff members by conducting small award ceremonies for reaching milestones or achieving targets.

What are shared Christmas parties?

A shared Christmas party means that your company or office will be sharing with people from other companies and offices. This usually means the corporate Christmas party will be held in a large Christmas party venue or banqueting hall like those found in a hotel.

Shared Christmas parties in London tend to cost between £85.00 + vat and £100 + vat per head. You can expect to mingle and socialise with other businesses and therefore some sales experts will use this annual event as an opportunity to sell their product or service.

What does the research say?

In recent research carried out by Venue Search London  55% of Christmas parties are now being held at restaurants, bars and clubs, with 40% of buyers opting for tables at shared Christmas party nights. Thursday and Friday nights are the post popular days to hold a Christmas party.  remain the most popular nights for parties, accounting for 69% of the total market with over of those surveyed claiming that their Christmas party finished after midnight.

Shared Christmas Parties in London

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