You know you need to find a suitable venue for your corporate event or private celebration, but you have no idea where to start. Have you heard of venue finding agencies? Here’s what you need to know about the vital professionals who support people like you, the experts who can even provide essential extras like corporate event planning.

What does a venue finding agency do?
A venue finding agency does a lot more than point you in the right direction and recommend the perfect location for your event. Their services often go a lot further than that, which makes them extra-valuable.

Creating great relationships to your advantage
Relationships matter in event hire, as they do in every other sector. The first big advantage an agency brings is the cordial, positive relationships they’ve built up – over a long time – with the people who run the venues they recommend to clients. And it delivers a huge advantage for you, since you know very little about the venue beyond what you can see on their website.

An agency knows the personalities involved, the quirks, the way things are usually done and the things that are different from the norm. And that can save you a huge amount of time, effort and hassle.  You could spend endless hours trawling the internet, finding potential venues, contacting them to ask questions, sifting through the replies, and still not find the exact venue you have in mind. Whereas an agency may be able to put their finger on the perfect venue in seconds thanks to years of experience.

Part of finding the perfect venue is having a really clear idea about what the client wants, and why. When you understand the reasons behind someone’s needs, it’s easier to suggest inspiring alternatives and come up with excellent, often creative solutions. The best event agencies will make an impressive effort to get to know you and figure out the fine detail behind the project you’re working on.

Expert teams to handle all the details
An event finding agency has lots of staff, but you’re just one individual. They can set numerous expert people off on voyages of discovery, specialist teams dedicated to getting to know you and your venue requirements. It makes finding venues in London a lot easier than it would otherwise be, a lot less stressful, and usually a lot more successful! We know of at least event planning in London agency that dedicated a staff member twice a week to solely look for new, exciting venues in London.

What kind of venues do they source?
Christmas party venues for businesses, families, charities and other organisations, summer party venues for alfresco entertainment and warm weather events, you name it, an agency will probably have lots of alternatives on their books. The best agencies also provide support services in the form of corporate event management and corporate event planning services, designed to make your life even easier.    

How about the fees?
Venue finding agencies tend to charge a small fee for procuring a venue, which seems fair in view of their expertise and the hard work they put in. They’ll also charge for the actual planning and management side of things if you need those services. At the end of the day, taking on a venue agency can save you a great deal of time and hard work. Next time you have an event to organise, why not tap into expert knowledge and use a corporate event planner?

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