University event in london

UCL Postgraduates Party

As well as organising UCL School of Management’s Undergraduate Induction Party, we were also presented with the opportunity to organise the Postgraduate Induction Party. After discussing event requirements with our client, we knew that they wanted a warehouse style venue which can be transformed for a party.

We suggested 3 venue options to our client and attended viewings with them before they chose the Museum of London Docklands. This beautiful venue is a Grade 1 listed Georgian warehouse with exposed brickwork and pine pillars. We had our lovely bar team set up in the middle of the room and the DJ setting the party atmosphere. Guests absolutely loved the venue and spent their evening drinking and indulging in the circling canapes. There were speeches from professors welcoming the students to the programmes & a lot of socialising.

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Postgraduate Induction Party Video 

University event in london