Gerald Eve's Winter Wonderland 

What do you do when you want to show off your brand new City office? Transform your office into a Winter Wonderland of course! Our client came to us with this exact view, see below for how we made it happen...

After attending numerous site visits and understanding our client’s expectations for the event, we took it upon ourselves to go above and beyond to create the perfect Winter Wonderland for our clients.

‘How are we going to create that snowy winter feel’ were our initial thoughts, however, once we put our mind to it, we decided that white snowy carpet throughout the whole office was the perfect starting point, dressed with white trees, LED reindeers, Christmas signs, white low and high seating and covered with fairy lights.

Most of the guests did not even recognise the office they work in every day, we certainly delivered above expectations!

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A short intro video to the Gerald Eves Winter Wonderland themed office transformation.