Summer, lovely summer. It’s a time for relaxation, for pleasure, for corporate summer parties, the perfect way to reward your people, your clients and even your suppliers for a job well done, for achieving a vital goal, or simply to celebrate another successful year in business. So what type of party are you thinking about? And what type of venue will suit your plans best? Here are six bright ideas for corporate summer parties in London.  

Open spaces – Outdoor venues offer summery delights

Open spaces like parks, lawns, greens, courtyards, sporting grounds, zoos and dizzyingly high city roof terraces make magical summer corporate party venues, open to the sunshine and a real pleasure to be in during long, fragrant, warm summer nights. The capital offers a number of beautiful garden squares to hold events in too, exclusive, jewelled green spaces hidden within stunning squares surrounded by stylish, often historic homes.  

Gorgeous gardens –  Where the city’s traffic may as well not exist

Some of the gardens here are remarkably quiet and serene, and that makes them wonderful for summer party venues in London. Imagine wandering around a fragrant green space, glass in hand, a large marquee available just in case the weather doesn’t play nice. There’s something special about being in a hidden, private green space in the centre of the hustle and bustle, and as any scientist will tell you, being amongst greenery, especially trees, has a marked positive effect on our mood. Trees give off invisible chemicals that we can’t smell, but which make us feel really, really good. And that means anywhere with trees and greenery is an excellent place to hold a party!   

Venues suitable for BBQs – The scents, the vibe, the culinary experience…

There’s nothing quite so tasty as barbecued foods, especially when the sun’s shining. Humans love fire, something that has kept us safe and warm for millions of years and plenty of summer party venues, London and beyond, offer exactly that. Fire and food are such a great combination! Whether it’s a trendy pizza oven, a chiminea or a traditional barbecue, the scents of food cooking makes the mouth water. Food cooked outdoors always tastes better – why is that? – and the social aspect of sharing it makes every party go with a swing.  

Places to fit large teams – Plenty of room for extravagant-sized events  

Maybe there are hundreds of you. If you work with a particularly large business there might even be thousands of you… and that means you need one heck of a venue, a place where there’s room for everyone, enough toilets and other facilities, enough parking. You name it, you need it BIG.  Fortunately there’s a host of enormous venues that fit the bill, everything from stadia to sports grounds, great halls to arenas, parks, museums and gardens.

Summer party venues London – Places with a magical view

Our capital is very lovely, with more green spaces than most. In fact roughly 47% of Greater London is made up of green space. At the same time the city has countless awe-inspiring buildings to admire, and the views from high up are simply spectacular, dotted with beautiful natural green spaces. London offers a large choice of venues with a view, including  rooftop terraces and bars, even riverside venues and actual vessels on the Thames offering amazing views from the water.

Club venues for party animals – Dance the night away  

Maybe you run an ad agency or digital marketing firm full of bright young things who love to club the night away? That’s no problem at all, with numerous clubs and club-style venues for hire for corporate fun, loud and dark and thrilling, with top DJs and large dance floors.

Whatever your requirements, whatever the style of your corporate event or its purpose, London provides a vast choice of venues to suit every kind of celebration. The team at Good Look Events are experts in sourcing summer party venues in London get in touch with them on +44 207 148 1665 Or visit our website for all of your corporate event requirements.