How we can help with your product launch event

Creating a new product or service is no easy feat, businesses are likely to spend lots of time, money and resources and it could take years to see the final results. And that’s why launching a new product or service the correct way is so important.

Product or brand launches whether large or small should have the wow factor, guests, potential clients, and buyers should be made to feel like they are brand ambassadors, they need to feel good about purchasing your product or service and a well put together product launch event can help achieve just that. 

Here are few ways Good Look Events can help with your product launch event. 

Planning & Preparation
No event can be a success without planning and making preparations well in advance. 

Our team consists of expert and passionate corporate event planners who have vast experience in event management and in particular planning and managing product launch events. 

They will help your organisation establish its target audience, whilst ensuring you have a clear definition of the aims and objectives of the launch event. 

Our London event planners know that inviting the right people can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful product launch party. They will support you to invite guests that are passionate about your company and therefore might act like brand ambassadors. At the very least your launch event should consist of guests who can help spread the word about the new service or product. Think local bloggers, vloggers, influencers and journalists. 

Venue Hire
Finding a suitable venue can be difficult, stressful and frustrating. Every venue is unique, they’ll have different capacity and work in accordance with their policies and procedures, for example, some venues dislike loud music whilst others require a certain dress code. Our event management agency has access to a large number of unique and popular event venues in London and internationally. For more information about venue hire read our recent blog post where we list 8 points to consider when searching for event venues in London.  

Getting the word out
A product launch event, no matter how much money has been spent on it, is of no benefit if nobody hears about it. The event planners at Good Look Events can help your company with traditional marketing, for example advertising the event in local and national magazines, radio stations and even on TV. We also have access to online influencers, popular blogs and interesting Youtubers. And can use social media and other platforms to get the word out.  Together we can make sure your launch event is an absolute success. For more information about venue finding agencies, read our blog titled “what do venue finding agencies do?

Get in touch with the Good Look Events team by telephone on 0207 148 1665 or use the live chat function on our website.