Conference venues London

There are countless conference venues, London and beyond, to choose from. But what makes a conference venue special? As it turns out, just a handful of essentials delivers everything you could possibly need from a great venue. If you’re looking for the ideal location for your next conference event, there are some vital fundamentals you won’t want to miss – here’s what to expect from a top-class conference venue. 

Conference support from the right kind of people 

First and foremost, it’s a people thing. The ideal conference venue will be staffed and managed by professionals who understand corporate needs inside out, have the right kind of contacts, and are willing to stick by your side from start to finish to answer questions and help you create the perfect event. Our expert corporate event planners do just that. 

The right price – No hidden extras 

Money is always the deciding factor. Locating the perfect venue involves pinning down the costs, including every potential hidden extra upfront. There’s the overall cost of booking the venue to take into account, plus extras that might include parking fees, Wi-Fi access, snacks and refreshments. The best venues have a clear, simple pricing policy. If it’s beginning to feel overly-complicated, back away and find a venue that’s happy to be transparent. That being said, if you want to avoid the stress and trouble of negotiating your next conference venue it is best you let the experts manage it for you. Our expert event planners will support you find the perfect location and manage everything from negotiating grates rates to organising staffing and decor. 

Location and accessibility 

Location matters. If you have people arriving from multiple locations across the country, it’s important to find somewhere central that’s convenient for everybody, easy to get to with good public transport links. Conference venues in London, as you can imagine, are just about perfect, offering extensive transport links to and from every region of the UK. 

Once you get to the venue it has to be properly accessible for anyone and everyone, including people with special mobility needs. Always check there’s good accessibility. If a venue doesn’t treat disabled customers as a priority, what else isn’t it doing?  

The correct physical capacity 

Say you have three hundred people to cater for, and the venue you’re considering has a capacity of 305. Might you be a little bit crowded? Maybe it might be better to find a venue with a slightly larger capacity so there’s more elbow room? If you’re uncertain, either ask the venue staff for reassurance or visit yourself and see how it feels. On the other hand, if you want a cosy venue that feels intimate and friendly, less space might be more suitable.

crowd participating at event

Staging, equipment and technology  

Will you need equipment for presentations, for speeches, for prize-giving, for performances? Do you need a stage, a projector, music equipment, a TV or a big screen? How about a sound system? It makes a lot of sense to confirm these things early on, since an otherwise-perfect venue without the required equipment might be able to hire it for you if given enough notice. Get in touch with the venue sooner rather than later, be very specific about your needs, and double-check to make sure everything will be present on the day.

Flexible food and drink options 

If you want everyone at your event to stay sharp and on the ball, you’ll need to provide refreshments. It might be a three-course lunch, a buffet, or regular snacks at sensible intervals. You might want tea and coffee on a constant tap. Either way, you’ll want a London event venue that provides a choice of flexible catering options to suit various types of budget and events. 

When you carry out the task like a professional, finding conference venues London and outwards into the UK, becomes a whole lot easier. Getting a professional conference venue expert on your side makes everything even simpler and easier. Contact Good Look Events to learn more about how we can help with your next conference event.