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Now updated for 2022. The corporate Christmas Party is a classic in the work entertainment calendar. But what happens in the summer, when the festive season couldn’t be farther away and your workforce is maybe feeling a bit flat, a little bit uninspired?

As it turns out, a corporate summer party is the perfect way to inject new life and enthusiasm into your teams, your plans, and your internal relationships. Here are some fun ideas for a roaring success of a corporate summer party.

Corporate summer party ideas – Inspire your people in 2022! 
If you’re going to hold a corporate summer party, make it the best it can be. If you can create a legend of an event that people talk about for years to come, even better! Here’s how to turn a bit of fun into a powerful event that’ll inspire people to hatch new ideas, create new relationships, solidify existing ties and inject more life and verve into every day at work. All of which, in turn, ultimately benefits your bottom line. 

10 hot summer party ideas for your business

  1. Outdoor BBQ – Provide a bar, a barbecue, an outdoor space and someone who knows how to cook food to perfection and you have a nice, simple corporate party idea that has a bigger impact than you might expect. Everyone loves a BBQ… just don’t forget the Vegan and Veggie side of life
  2. DIY cocktail party – split your people into teams, fund each team to buy the ingredients for their favourite cocktail, and get mixing! This one’s lovely and simple. All you need is an attractive space, a table for the glasses and bottles, a fridge to keep everything cool, and somewhere to wash up. Alternatively hire a cocktail expert to give everyone lessons or provide the full service  
  3. Beach style settings – get everyone in a summery mood, reminding them of their holidays and freeing their inhibitions. If you get everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts and colourful shorts, even better. There’s something about dressing up in non-work clothing that really helps to boost the party mood 
  4. Day trips – Forget beach-style settings. How about taking a trip to the actual beach, in an actual bus? In the UK you are never more than 70 miles from the sea at any one point, so the joys of the seaside – something everyone loves – are never far away. Think Brighton, Bournemouth, Cromer, Berwick-on-Tweed, Southport and more. There’s a gorgeous beach to aim for on every coast, north and east, south and west     
  5. Team building away-days – are powerfully impactful. They’re carefully designed so everyone leaves feeling closer as a team, with shared goals, a better understanding of each other and something to talk about for months to come 
  6.  A family fun day – is an effective way to bring people together and find out more about each other’s lives, which in turn helps people build stronger in-work relationships  based on mutual understanding and respect 
  7. Visit a stately home –  castle or gardens en mass and treat yourselves to an afternoon in a beautiful setting. Did you know you can actually hire the Palm House and the Orangery at Kew Gardens, for example, or beautiful Wrotham Park in Barnet?   
  8. Provide big screen – entertainment, with an outdoor screen showing the most popular must-see new release movie, a multi-award winning film or an all-time classic, either themed to your business or not. If you prefer you can buy your people tickets for an established outdoor movie event rather than arranging your own  
  9. Up on the roof – there’s something special about being way up high, above the bustle of the streets, open to the sky with the wind in your hair. Hold a simple drinks and snacks event on a rooftop and watch as your employees relax, enjoy themselves and form even stronger relationships
  10.  Keep things super-simple – and hire a gorgeous beer garden – As a general rule to create a winning celebration all you really need is plenty of alcohol and somewhere comfy to sit. Does a good pub near your premises have a lovely beer garden for hire? 

Party on for summer 2022
According to a report carried out by Oxford Economics, the average fee for replacing a departing staff member is £30,614, no organisation wants to lose an employee, but when costs to replace a staff member are so high it’s obvious that activities like corporate summer events and team building days are definitely value for money. 

Celebrating together, whatever you happen to be celebrating and however you’re doing it, makes people feel good. It’s great to be treated well by your employer, it breeds goodwill. And social interaction is the essential glue that keeps people together, teams talking, and businesses thriving. 

Corporate summer parties are the perfect place to meet and interact with the wider workforce, stepping out of your bubble for a while. If you invite your clients and suppliers it can have an even wider impact, spreading goodwill far outside the company. And better still, the cost might even be tax-deductible. Make plans for the coming summer and see how a lively summer celebration boosts your workforce’s mojo!