Corporate summer parties have become a popular trend for businesses in London and beyond. They offer the perfect opportunity to bring your workforce together, improving relationships and boosting team morale!

To make sure you maximise this experience with an excellent event planning strategy from start-to finish we recommend that all prospective clients speak directly with one of our expert event planners who can provide advice on what would work best given your company’s culture as well any unique considerations such location or type(s) of facility and or theme.

To help you get started, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below:
Can you help us find summer party venues in London with Outdoor space?
In short, yes! Venue sourcing is one of our most popular services and we offer our corporate partners a myriad of options, particularly if they are looking for a summer party venue in London with outdoor space.

Should our corporate summer party have a theme?
Your corporate summer party event does not need to have a theme. In fact a large number of our clients prefer to keep things simple, ensuring they have the basics available like food, drink and sun! However we really enjoy creating events that have parotualar themes, whether it be a beach holiday, American BBQ or english tea party, we have you covered.

Can a corporate summer party improve staff morale and happiness?
Corporate summer parties offer a fun and unique way to celebrate summer with your colleagues, it is the perfect excuse to enjoy some sunny weather and create good times with your team! The team building element of these parties, coupled with the obvious social element means that your staff are able to build new relationships with the wider team and feel relaxed with and around their colleagues. This positive environment undoubtedly means your corporate summer party can improve staff morale and happiness, and in return help improve productivity.

How will Good Look Events help us with our planned corporate summer party?
We are a full service events agency. This means we can help you from start to finish, sourcing the venue, planning the event, finding and liaising with suppliers and making sure everything goes to plan on the day.
What is the most popular time of the year to hold a summer party?

Our clients tend to hold their corporate summer parties between the months of June – September, however we have found that the most popular months to hold a corporate summer party are the warmer months of June, July and August.

Can we bring our own drinks to a corporate summer event?
In some cases yes, this is possible and it does depend very much on the venue you choose and their policies. That being said, there is likely to be a corkage charge and so we suggest using the venue’s in-house bar services. Doing so reduces the need to source, store and transport your drinks and can also reduce the chances of you running out of drinks on the day, this can be quite embarrassing. If the venue does not offer beverages and instead functions predominantly as dry hire venue, we offer drinks packages and professional bar staffing who work alongside our handpicked mixologists. We also recommend you ask us about our mouthwatering catering options 

Can you accommodate any special dietary or accessibility needs?
If there’s food on offer our London event planners will do the rounds of all the guests and attendees well in advance of the event date to make sure every special dietary requirement is logged, passed to the venue, and taken into account at every stage. The same principle applies to accessibility – our event planners will ensure all your guests, delegates and staff can physically access the venue with ease, let you know if there is any issues with access and try to work with you to find a suitable venue or a solution where necessary.

Can you help us arrange a Corporate Summer Party at short notice?
We can work to short and challenging time frames. We will always give you an indication of how long a particular service might take. For example, if you require venue sourcing services, this is likely to be more time consuming and we would advise you to be realistic with your expectations. As always we recommend you contact our team as soon as possible so that we can get started.

What is the best way to get in touch with the Good Look Events team?
We have tried to make it easy for you to reach out to us. You can use the Live Chat feature on our website, fill out the form on our corporate summer parties web page, send an email to: or call us directly on 0207 148 1665