Everyone loves a really good corporate Christmas party. If you find your team still talking about the last one even though it was months ago, you know you’ve scored a hit, that you’ve inspired people, created stronger teams, built new relationships and survived one heck of a jolly good night out together. It’s powerful stuff. 

It might feel like a long way off but Christmas is always on the horizon, and if you want to secure the best, most fun venues it’s wise to start planning early. Here are some top ideas for your next cool corporate Christmas party in London. 

Skating, curling, bowling, skittles and crazy golf
Most people enjoy trying their hand at ice skating, about as Christmassy as it gets. Curling is still really trendy thanks to the nation’s Olympic successes. Bowling is great fun even when you’re rubbish at sports. Crazy golf is truly entertaining. London offers all four and more, a great way to bring your people together, help them engage with each other, and get talking. There’s one brilliant London pub that still offers the ancient game of pub skittles. Oh, and don’t forget special mini-golf set in a 16000 square foot city venue complete with bars, food and more.  

Ping pong your way to festive fun 
Ping pong, AKA table tennis, is fast, furious and enormous fun. So is Table Football. Both ‘sports’ are accessible to most of us, however bad at real competitive sports we happen to be. Ping-pong is the new rock ‘n’ roll, and some venues offer a choice of several tables for corporate giggles. Add music and drinks and you’ll enhance the appeal. 

Pizza and cocktails, anyone? 
Cocktails are hot property at the moment. How about a Christmas party created around making up new cocktail recipes, or building your own, or experiencing them in an unusual setting? You can even book cocktail workshops if you like. Maybe with food included too? Then there’s the humble pizza oven, a  marvellous invention and a simple yet highly effective way to enjoy the unique taste of outdoor-cooked food in the capital. It is popping up as the highlight of many a cool London Christmas party venue.  

Hit the beach 
It’s official. Holborn is home to a beach club. And it just happens to be an excellent Christmas party venue. If you think you might scream if you see one more mince pie or piece of tinsel, it can also be a great relief. Treat your staff to a non-Christmas party during the festive season and they’ll be talking about it for months to come. Think palm trees, neon lights and a dance floor that looks exactly like a tropical lagoon.

Sing your heart out with Karaoke 
You can sing. Great. You can’t sing? Equally great. It really doesn’t matter when it’s karaoke, the perfect way to muddle your way through a tune and make the entire place fall about laughing… or lose themselves in admiration. It’s hard to beat karaoke for destroying inhibitions, especially at a Christmas party venue that also supplies dressing up clothes, hats, wigs and a good, generously-stocked bar. 

Keeping it simple – Pop up bars for ready-made celebrations
A lot of the time all you need is a room, a bar, some music, and a bunch of people, and a party just… happens. It may take a while for your people to un-peel themselves from the walls and hit the dance floor but once they do, it’s an instant celebration. If you’d like to keep things super-simple and low cost, hire a pop up bar, play a few tunes and let the drinks flow. 

Get musical 
Sink a bottle of fizz. Enjoy a fantastic three course meal. Then enjoy singing along with a six piece live band as they take requests. This is time for your people to be the stars of their own show, another unusual and highly memorable way to mark the festive season in London.

Enter the games room… 
Endless entertainment awaits you in a games room, an experience with a difference where a vintage karaoke machine rules, old Nintendo game consoles are set up and ready, and there are plenty of self-serve beer kegs to top up with plus a really good bar. Ideal for tech and digital businesses.  

Don’t mention Flight Club  
Fight Club has nothing on Flight Club, an unusual London party venue where pub darts – enhanced to an entirely different level with goodies like virtual guides, animated scoreboards, and fab cocktails – rules. 

Luxury Sit Down Meals
Oftentimes you want a corporate christmas party that makes a real impression, Good Look events is a luxury event planner and specialises in putting together corporate events that ooze luxury and class. We have access to venues across central london that boast unique outside space and luxe interiors, wow your guests with a luxury corporate christmas party. 

Even more magically cool ideas for corporate Christmas parties in London

  • Break WW2 codes Bletchley-style with your colleagues 
  • Enjoy a text-based scavenger trail around London’s back streets, complete with plenty of liquid refreshment 
  • Visit a cocktail bar secreted inside one of the capital’s magnificent old bath houses 
  • Have festive feasts in a venue that looks exactly like the study of Charles Dickens himself, packed with fascinating ephemera, and enjoy a retelling of A Christmas Carol 
  • One of our best-loved basement venues, a cocktail bar serving traditional French snacks plus lots of powerful pastis to drink and a real pétanque court to play on
  • Do it the German way with a visit to a Bavarian-style Bierschenke complete with huge beer steins, apple schnapps, pretzels and Bavarian ‘Olympics’ 
  • A Gothic masquerade ball is something seriously special, especially when you’re all dressed up. Dancers, jesters, contortionists and more await you at one particularly magical London party venue 
  • Winter doesn’t mean outdoor fun is a no-no. Heated venues mean the weather doesn’t matter, and you can party the night away in any number of gorgeous outdoor venues in London
  • Museums are a great and highly unusual idea for a festive bash
  • Clubbing is perfect for younger businesses, and plenty of the capital’s clubs can handle corporate Christmas parties 

Whatever your preference the Good Look Events corporate event planning team is available to help plan and execute your new corporate Christmas party. Call us on 0207 148 1665  to discuss how we can help or visit our website to learn more.