Owning or renting an office space is likely to form a large part of your business expenses, so why not utilise the space in different and creative ways?

Hosting an event in your own office space is a great way to save money and make things more convenient for your staff. Not only will you save on sourcing and securing a third-party venue but you’ll also save on unnecessary travel expenses amongst other benefits.

We are working with more and more customers who are interested in transforming offices into event spaces. 

One of the biggest advantages of hosting an event in your own office is that you are more likely to be open to different suggestions and have more flexibility than what is available at third-party venues. 

Some of the most popular office parties are based on dressing up office spaces using simple themes like Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. Occasionally though we are tasked with creating events that have specific, meaningful purposes, like team building.

Teamwork is important in the workplace, but it can be difficult to improve and maintain when there are many different teams scattered across different locations. In order to promote an awesome team environment, we add exciting, fun activities, that promote competition between departments 

Getting Started
Understanding your needs and requirements is the first step in hosting a successful event. You need to know what outcome you’re looking for, whether it’s improving teamwork, celebrating success, or getting together for a particular occasion. 

Next, you’ll need to take time to assess the event space. To create the perfect atmosphere for your event, you need to first determine how much space there is available. Will you need to rearrange desks or remove furniture entirely? Are you planning on installing a dance floor or setting up a bar?

How can we help?
Planning any event is stressful, but we’d say corporate event planning is definitely up there with the most stressful event types. 

Our expert London event planners are experienced in helping large corporate organisations transform their office spaces into unforgettable event spaces. It is likely we’ll need to book a site visit so that our planners can assess the space and make the best suggestions for your event. 

Take a look at how we transformed the offices of Gerald Eve’s into a Winter Wonderland.

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