Finally, he has popped the question and you have gladly said yes. Your tears of joy and excitement, your laughter and happiness is unexplainable.

The first question you ask yourself is  “Where will we get married?”

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect of your wedding is the venue itself, there are various factors you must consider and we hope this article will make things a little easier.


  1. Budget: Be fair to yourself, it’s very easy to get carried away, it is the most important day of your life after all but be realistic.

    Speak to your fiance, check your savings account and maybe even that piggy bank you keep under the bed, potentially look into obtaining some financial support from friends and family but be realistic. Although the Venue is important you need to make sure you remember that you still have the decorations, the cake, the wedding band and the flowers to budget for.

  2. Capacity: We’ve all dreamed of a wedding in a castle or a 1,000 seater ballroom and if your budget fits then that’s great. We recommend you begin making a list of your guests, both friends and family and figuring out how many people you’ll have attending your special day.

    Once you have a rough idea of the number of wedding guests, you can begin to contact suitable venues where they’ll give you a quote and an idea of seating layout.

  3. Catering: Many people are surprised to hear that not all wedding venues provide food, therefore make sure you ask about their catering service, their cost per head and whether they allow for corkage.

    Other venues do provide catering but will not allow you to bring in an external caterer who will usually provide the service for a lower fee. Whichever venue you choose to go with the catering element of your wedding is extremely important, let’s be honest nobody wants hungry guests.

  4. Location: Having a wedding abroad is every girl’s dream but is it practical?

    Whether you have your wedding in the United Kingdom or the sunny Bahamas it’s vital you consider travel arrangements for your guests. For those that choose to have a high end london wedding we recommend you make travel arrangements for your guests and provide them with guidance around local parking facilities.

  5. Marriage Ceremony: Not all wedding venues are approved to carry out a civil marriage ceremony. So make sure your chosen venue is registered and approved with the local council. You can find a list of all approved wedding venues on the home office website, just follow this link. Link to approved wedding venues.

Good Look Events are happy to help with venue sourcing and in general providing all of the support and arrangements for your big day. We will guide you through a personalised journey making sure your dream wedding comes to life. Contact us today to find out how we can help or follow this link to see our venues.