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Christmas might seem like it’s a long way off. But when you consider everything you have to do to make a corporate Christmas party work like magic and happen like clockwork, you realise time is of the essence. At the same time competition for the most popular, fun and unusual venues can be tough, and that’s why we’re handing out a bunch of top-class London corporate Christmas party ideas for 2020 now, with spring just about to spring. Read on for inspiration.

25 Corporate Christmas Party Ideas in London 

  1. Keep things simple with a private party – perhaps hire a London pub or restaurant and take the entire place over for the night
  2. Visit an ice bar and chill out for the evening 
  3. Hire a movie theatre and screen something amazing
  4. As a smaller company, did you know you can join in with other companies thanks to a shared Christmas party package?  
  5. Dine in style at a Michelin star eatery 
  6. Head for the stars in a high-rise London venue with epic views across the capital and beyond 
  7. Hire a room in a museum for a classy celebration with a difference 
  8. Salsa! Latin dance is loved by millions, and some venues offer lessons as well as a dance floor and bar 
  9. Take everyone to see a live band 
  10. For competitive types, why not spend a night out at a bowling alley? 
  11. Party at the zoo
  12. Take everyone to the circus or to a West End show 
  13. It’s a trend – hire a ping-pong bar
  14. Give your laughing gear a treat with a night out at a comedy club   
  15. Take a river cruise on the mighty Thames – disco boats are such fun with their well-stocked bars, eating areas and dance floors
  16. Hold a mysterious masked ball like those they hold in Venice, or enjoy an exotic Gothic masquerade ball  
  17. How about ice skating, or even curling? 
  18. Karaoke nights are a brilliant way to bring people together and create fun memories, especially when the venue also provides boxes and boxes of fancy dress  
  19. Learn to make cocktails.. then drink them. Simple but effective! 
  20. Enjoy a tropical party on the beach…indoors. Yes, it’s all possible in London 
  21. Go clubbing 1920s style, with a sumptuous candlelit dinner included 
  22. Play crazy golf so good you’ll remember it for life 
  23. Do a scavenger trail across the capital with plenty of booze en route 
  24. Enjoy Dickens’ A Christmas Carol read out loud, accompanied by live music, while you eat 
  25. Learn Bollywood dancing, learn to dance Burlesque, or accept the challenge and choose a corporate lip-sync battle 

As you can see there’s a wealth of choice for corporate Christmas party ideas in London, something for everyone, from everyday to totally outrageous. We can help make your 2020 corporate Christmas event extra-special, so give us a call to check out the possibilities. We’ll be delighted to explore them with you. 

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